Manchester City won the 2020/2021 English Championship title on Tuesday with three rounds of anticipation thanks to Manchester United’s defeat by Leicester. And the achievement left the Citizens with seven national mugs, surpassing Chelsea, which will be their rival in the Champions League final on the 29th, and equaling Aston Villa.

Citzens coach Pep Guardiola spoke about the achievement by giving an interview to Manchester City’s official website. “This was a season and a Premier League title like no other. This was the most difficult”, said the Spanish coach.

Pep Guardiola also celebrated his team’s achievements during the current Premier League season. “We will always remember this season for the way we won. I am very proud to be the coach here and this group of players. They are so special. To go through this season, with all the restrictions and difficulties that we face, and to show the consistency that we have it is remarkable” he spoke.