Coach Pep Guardiola confirmed that Manchester City will host Liverpool, with the “honor guard”, a traditional ceremony in which the champions enter the pitch through a corridor made up of opposing players, who applaud them for the title they have won. In a cordial gesture, Guardiola, an English champion with Manchester City in the previous two seasons, believes it would be sporting to pay tribute to the new holders of the trophy.

“We are going to do the honor guard, of course,” said Guardiola. “We always welcome Liverpool when they come to our home in an incredible way. They cannot complain and of course, we are going to do it because they deserve it ”, he added.

The duel between Liverpool, English champions with seven rounds in advance, and vice-leader Manchester City will be played tomorrow, July 2 at 8:15 pm, at Etihad Stadium. Before the Premier League was restarted this month, there was still the possibility, however small, that the match could be decisive in the fight for the title. But Liverpool confirmed the victory before the game and ended the wait that had lasted 30 years.