This Wednesday, 14, Manchester City is spending its life in this season’s Champions League. The English won a fundamental victory in the first leg, but the citizens can find two great obstacles to continue in the competition. The first is Halaand. The striker is the main player of Borussia Dortmund and the top scorer in this edition of the Champions League.

With 10 goals scored, the Norwegian has yet to score against City and, a single goal in the return match, could put the aurinegros in the next phase of the continental tournament. In addition to the striker being a possible stumbling block for the Manchester team, two other fasts will have to be broken for citizens to continue in the Champions League. To begin, City will need to exorcise one of the biggest taboos in its recent history: advance to the semifinals of the Champions League.

The last time Manchester City attended a Champions League semifinal was in the 2015/16 season, when they were eliminated by Real Madrid. After that, there were four seasons and frequent falls in the quarterfinals. The last three were at this stage of the tournament, when they fell to Liverpool in 2018, Tottenham in 2019 and Lyon in the 2021 season. In addition, in 2017, Manchester City ended up being eliminated by Monaco in the last 16. Final. In order for all of these negative retrospectives to end, Manchester City will have to chase away the ghost of the Champions League quarter-finals, hold on to Haaland and also count on an inspired Guardiola to eliminate Borussia Dortmund and get closer to ending a decade-long fast. without reaching the Champions League final.