Manchester City are closely following the situation of Sergio Ramos, looking to try to sign him as a free agent next summer in Europe. That is what different sources have confirmed to ESPN. The Real Madrid captain is free to negotiate with other clubs since the 1st, as his bond with the Merengue club ends on June 30 and continues without renewal.

City know that the operation will be very complicated, but they want to reinforce the defense with a view to next season and, according to ESPN, Pep Guardiola is very fond of the possibility. In Manchester, there is the idea that the performance of the defender, who will turn 35 in March, is still great. Thus, it is considered that it would be an “interesting” operation for a defense that continues to miss a piece with experience since Vincent Kompany left.

Talks between the team captain and the club began after the last European summer, and the predisposition of both parties is good. Ramos wants to renew for another two years, and Real is in agreement on this duration, but negotiations are being slower than expected due to the situation of COVID-19 and, above all, to the impact that the pandemic had on the coffers of from Madrid.